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1.  Choosing The Lowest Bidder
According to Consumer Reports - The biggest mistake consumers make is
"being seduced by the price alone"  Would you hire the cheapest surgeon
in town to operate on you or a member of your family?  There is a saying "
Some of the most expensive work you will ever pay for is cheap work"  
Consider that you home is your biggest investment, and you should always
think long-term when it comes to doing remodeling and also consider the
effect of saving a few dollars now will have over 3,5, or 10 years of living
there.  "Some contractors use low quotes to win the job, then jack up the
price later" says New York Assistant Attorney General Nick Garin.
Your most important tool in evaluating the cost of a project is the value of
what you are getting for your money  Low prices are usually a trade off for
cutting corners in materials, workmanship or warranty.  Are you well versed
enough on the subject to compare apples to apples?
2.  Not Checking References
A good contractor will be happy to provide you with dozens of written
references.   When speaking to the contractor's customers, ask such
questions as:
 Did the contractor keep to the schedule and the contract terms?
 Were you pleased with the work and the way it was done?
 Did the contractor listen to you if you had a problem, and seemed
concerned about resolving it?
 Did they answer their phone and return all your calls in a timely manner?
3.  Not checking a contractor's insurance coverage
A contractor should be happy to show you his coverage.  Ask about their
General Liability Insurance.  A one-million dollar policy is now considered
standard.  Make sure he requires the same coverage from any
sub-contractor that will be working on your home.  
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